Marketing Plan for Maharashtra Tourism

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Maharashtra Tourism 1. Executive Summary Indian economy is growing and Tourism’s contribution to the economy is increasing since few year. Maharashtra as a state has immense to offer in support for the growing tourism industry; however its potential remains largely untapped. The reason for this are:- • Lack of Product/Site promotions • Lack of products for the “Most Visit” and “Most Spend” segments of India tourist • Lack of Coherent marketing of the various offering and creating pull for the tourists. • Lack of proper service and after visit initiative. Our focus to solve these problems and increase the share of Maharashtra Tourism is based on four “R’s”:-  Revamp- The use of mediums to communicate to the potential tourists…show more content…
Also, it has all the competencies required to emerge as the number 1 tourist destination in India. Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC) is currently engaged in promoting Maharashtra as a dynamic state using the punch line “Maharashtra unlimited”. The image builds upon the international corporate image of Maharashtra, particularly Mumbai and goes further to suggest that, in addition to the business and industry gamut, the state also offers a variety of tourism themes for all kinds of tourists. The Central Government had sanctioned 41 tourism projects for Maharashtra, out of which 20 are complete and 21 are ongoing. 2.2. Current Tourist destination/products Most of tourist destinations in Maharashtra form a part of a larger tourist circuit with other destinations in the vicinity. Major tourist circuits are located in the Western Ghats and some parts of central Maharashtra. Nagpur circuit and Ajantha-Ellora circuits are other important circuits in Northern and eastern Zone. Most of the established tourist circuits in Maharashtra are formed by grouping of important destinations in a particular region of Maharashtra like Konkan, Marathwada, Vidarbha etc. Such a grouping essentially encompasses a variety of tourist themes within a single circuit e.g. South Konkan circuit includes beaches of Malvan & Tarkarli, Amboli hill-station, sea forts of Sindhudurg and
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