Marketing Plan for News Corporation

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KEELE UNIVERSITY MANAGEMENT SCHOOL MARKETING DEPARTMENT MAN40045 GROUP REPORT MARKETING PLAN FOR NEWS CORPORATION IN THE BRITISH NEWSPAPER MARKET PERIOD 2012-2015 Students: Annie – 11026399 Fiona – 12020379 Max – 10020416 Tiffany – 11026952 November, 2012 CONTENT * Introduction * Mission statement * SWOT& analysis * Assumptions * Marketing Objectives * Marketing Strategy * Marketing Mix Recommendations * Reference * Appendix 1. Introduction News Corporation is a global media corporation controlled by Rupert Murdoch. News Corporation (known as News Corp), one of the world 's largest media conglomerates, is the globe’s primary publisher of English-language newspapers…show more content…
4. Assumptions - Online readership continues to rise about 10 percent in next three years - Readers have a tendency of changing their preference for entertaining newspapers with few words and more attractive, stylish, abstractive photos conveying in-depth content. For one thing, rely on the news corporation group strength that develop base on online stream media and digital publish/broadcast site about the online newspaper. Consequently, the newspaper brands through get a number of readers to expand its influence on mass media and audience. And earn more profit from the online advertisements. For another, Acquisition or create a number of newspapers brands in different reader markets, and get more market share. 5. Marketing objectives - Make the most advantage of the corporation multi-media group; appropriately raise sales prices; improve service, and stop the rate war. - That way will create a 60 % of market share in ‘popular market’, ‘mid market’ entering with 20 % of market share, and 40 percent of market share in ‘quality market’ during three years from 2012 – 2015. 6. Marketing strategy 6.1 Market segmentation: After doing the research about macro and microenvironment, as well as the SWOT, we decide to classify the market based on National Readership Survey’s criteria, which is social class – occupation. This company categorized different occupations in society by labeling from A to E (more information will
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