Marketing Plan for Nissin Foods

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BUS205 Marketing Management Individual Written Assignment Marketing Plan for NISSIN FOODS Name: Tai Kwong Fai Sam Student No.: 1191650 As we all know, NISSIN Foods (日清食品) is the first company in the world to make instant noodles and the oldest and largest manufacturer of instant food in Japan.. But, time flies and everything has changed. Since the market of instant noodles has changed a lot, NISSIN is facing some challenges. Thus, NISSIN Foods have to change their marketing strategy if they want to maintain their success. In this essay, I will focus on the instant noodles strategy for NISSIN Foods in the next five years. Background NISSIN was established in 1958. It established their most popular brand "Demae Ramen" and manufactured the…show more content…
The relationship between the distribution place and the sales volume is very close. SWOT Analysis 1. Strength NISSIN is the first company in the world to make instant noodles which has 52 years experience in producing instant noodles and its trusted image has been deeply-rooted all over the world because of its quality products. Thus, there are a number of loyalty customers for NISSIN. Nowadays, instant noodles are nearly a necessary for every family. So, we can observe that when many households go to supermarket, instant noodles must be one of the items that they would buy. So, it is a guarantee of the sales volume of NISSIN because of its trusted image and the excellent product. 2. Weakness Weak strategic planning would be the weakness of NISSIN. Nowadays, more and more people are becoming healthier conscious. When they choose food to eat, they would like to take health into consideration. So, they may have negative attitude towards instant noodles because of recent reports. SAUTAO is the one manufacturer producing non fried instant noodles which can cater different customers’ need. There are no non fried instant noodles produced by NISSIN in the market. So, there are some customers that NISSIN did not target. The management of NISSIN does not change the marketing plan. So, although the sales volume of NISSIN is flatten in recent years, it would not have a new breakthrough. Weak strategic planning is the main reason. 3. Opportunities Nowadays, there are more and more
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