Marketing Plan for SHARP Plasmacluster Air Purifier

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Cosmos ITL Group Middle East plans to enhance its UAE market share for one of its products; i.e. SHARP Plasmacluster® Air Purifiers, despite dealing with a diversified range of electronics but this plan is exclusively initiated to serve the potential market demand for this particular product only in light with the huge concerns and worries of H1N1 Virus Swine Flu across UAE residents and business owners in which this product helps in protecting the people and the environment from this virus and many other harmful airborne substances. To achieve this objective, we will increase revenues/sales and improve client post sale service, thus, reposition the company as the leading distributor and service provider for this…show more content…
Target Market �_ _84.3. Points of Difference �_ _84.4. Positioning �_ _5. Marketing Program Strategy and Tactics 8_ _5.1. Product Line 8_ _5.2. Packaging 9_ _95.3. Promotion �_ _95.4. Place �_ _5.5. Pricing 9_ _106. Financial Data and Projections �_ _106.1. Expense Distribution �_ _116.2. Operating Expenses �_ _116.3. Gross Profit per Unit Sold �_ _6.4. Expected Market Share 11_ _6.5. Expected Net Revenue 12_ _7. Implementation Plan 14_ _7.1. Gantt chart 14_ _7.2. Promotion Schedule 14_ _8. Evaluation and Control 15_ _8.1. Quality Control 15_ _8.2. Risk Analysis 16_ _8.3. Evaluation Analysis 16_ _References 17_ �� INTRODUCTION ORGANIZATION AND PRODUCT In 1960 ITL Group opens its first departmental store in Dubai under the name of Cosmos. Once started, there was no looking back. Rather than get drowned in a clutter, Cosmos decided to make a policy to take on products that had a history of quality attached to them. So it acquired sole distribution rights for brands that need no introduction - Sharp, Konica Minolta, TDK, Rhythm, Remington etc… all of which are marketed by Cosmos. The products are being promoted through an outstanding network of authorized dealer outlets as well as cosmos showrooms across UAE. By procuring products that incorporate only the best in technology and back up support, Cosmos has already sent out clear signals to consumers that it believes in envisioning for them a lifestyle that goes far beyond the ordinary. SHARP

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