Marketing Plan for Smoothie Drink

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FruitLift’s Marketing Plan

Picture of various fruits
Picture of various fruits

Yesenia Haro, Gabi Radanava, Dylan Nein
Marketing 230 Section 1
Introduction to Marketing
Professor Gary L. Hunter
April 15, 2012
Illinois State University
Executive Summary
The following report analyzes the product FruitLift that we created for this project. The purpose of this project is to determine what factors influence successful marketing. We also determine if marketing successfully in one environment means can be translated into success in another environment. We will first introduce the product. Following that we will describe the situation analysis of FruitLift: we will describe the internal and external environments of FruitLift. We also explain
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Our prospective customers are 20 to 35 year old middle class people. These people tend to be health conscious and may be in college. With peoples growing health concerns and shortage on free time, FruitLift can emerge as a popular product for people who attend health and fitness clubs. College students are becoming be aware about their health, so FruitLift will emerge as a late night drink when they study.
The tough part about FruitLift’s external environment will be the resources. We are very limited on available funds for this project. When starting off it will be difficult to afford the proper ingredients to make a wide variety of our product. We will have to grow the revenues of our product before we can span out to making more varieties of FruitLift. Since we will be limited on funds starting off our most valuable resource will be our employees and the way we get our product known.
The biggest part of technology that we will use will be the internet. Social Networking is a free way to market towards millions of people. We will create a Facebook and Twitter page for this product, and offer random coupon awards to the people who are fans of the pages. We also plan to create a cellular phone application that keeps track of the nutrients that you consumer through drinking FruitLift.
S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths | Weaknesses | * Healthy Alternative to Gain Energy * Innovative Marketing Team | * Intense Competition in Energy Drink and Fruit

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