Marketing Plan for an Airline

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Marketing Plan for Breeze Airlines

24 April 2010
Marketing Plan for Breeze Airlines Air has become the most preferred method of transportation for many people around the world and more travelers are looking for affordable ways to travel between destinations. Consequently, the increase in customer’s demand for cheaper fares has created an excellent business opportunity for low cost airlines to emerge. Low cost carriers have been successful satisfying customer’s demand for cheaper fares and reducing labor cost. “A high quality low-price entry strategy may seem very attractive at first glance. Obviously, an airline, or any startup firm for that matter, is likely to win a market if it can indeed provide a better product for a
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Young college educated professionals and college or graduate students between 21 and 45 years old represent the perfect target market for the low cost fare airline because both groups share similar psychological and behavioral traits. They are meticulous with their money to the extent that price is important when they are purchasing an item or paying for a service because most of them are recent college graduates entering the workforce and others are still pursuing an education with a limited income. Even if they have limited income, they still want to satisfy their lifestyle preferences. They want to obtain maximum value for their money without sacrificing personal comfort. These groups will be targeted because they are open to new experiences and they are price sensitive. Low cost Breeze Airlines SWOT Analysis will provide direction to its marketing strategy. Strengths: Breeze Airline is a promising young airline offering ticket fares at discount price to popular college destinations. It has a team of young customer service that can relate to targeted customers. Weaknesses: Their customer service might not have enough experience in the airline business so the operation might suffer internally for lack of knowledge. Opportunities: The introduction of digital technology on their flights and the use of internet to disseminate their service and reduce cost. “Airlines are
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