Marketing Plan for for Herborist Cosmetic Company, China

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Contents i Executive summary 3 ii List of Chart/ Figure 4 1.0 Situation analysis 5 1.1 Company and products background 5 1.1.1 Company introduction 5 1.1.2 Products introduction 5 1.2 Industry introduction 6 1.2.1 Market size and share 6 1.2.2 Developing trends 7 1.3 Macro-environmental analysis 8 1.3.1 Political and legal environment 8 1.3.2 Economic environment 9 1.3.3 Sociocultural environment 9 1.3.4 Technological environment 10 1.4 Competitive analysis 10 1.5 Customer analysis 11 1.6 Distribution channels analysis 11 2.0 SWOT analysis 12 2.1 Strengths 12 2.1.1 Good organic cosmetics brand image 12 2.1.2 Clear marketing position 13 2.1.3 Strong parent company 13 2.2 Weakness 13 2.2.1 Capital not strong as many international cosmetic…show more content…
And meanwhile the major market share of skin care products still dominated by some famous foreign brands such as P&G, Shieido, L'Oreal and some local low-end price brands such as Dabao and Longliqi(Li & Fung 2009). As the up-rising star of the cosmetic brand, Herborist’s market share is about 0.3% out of the total market share till the first quarter of the year 2010 (Herborist official website 2010). Figure 1 Market share and growth of different cosmetics sub-sectors, 2009 Source: Access Asia 1.2.2 Developing trends On the basis of the survey from AMA Communication Services (2010), there is a trend of growing health awareness among Chinese consumers due to the development of China's economy. That's why Chinese consumers prefer cosmetic products using natural ingredients than chemical products, especially the ones with strong attachment to Chinese Traditional Medicine (TCM), which is an essential part of Chinese culture. Due to this special preference of Chinese consumers, there is a trend that more and more players, not only domestic but also foreign ones, begin to position their cosmetic products with mild chemical formulae as well as herbal and natural ingredients (Li & Fung 2009). P&G, for instance, added herbal ingredients such as Shouwu and Ginseng to its nourishing shampoos series of Chinese market. Lux of Unilever also launched its shampoos series with the addition of
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