Marketing Plan for the Electric Car Corporation

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Marketing Planning EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This paper presents a marketing plan for the Electric Car Corporation (ECC); a first mover in manufacturing an electric car in the United Kingdom. The paper starts with a brief introduction to the company, its product offerings, and areas of operations and then explains why a marketing plan is essential in the strategic planning process of an organization. Afterwards, the process of new product development at ECC has been discussed. The marketing plan starts with a comprehensive situational and SWOT analysis of the company as well as its new product offering. In this paper, the SWOT Analysis is done to analyze the company's core strengths, major weaknesses, potential opportunities and threats which can be helpful for its short term and long term marketing planning. The situational analysis is done to analyze the different environmental forces that can affect the sales and acceptability of the new product. In the later sections, the marketing objectives, the target segment for the new car, action programs, and marketing mix (product, price, promotion, and place) have been discussed in a view to set a roadmap for the company on how it can better market and sell its product to the most potential segment of the consumers. The marketing budget has been presented to give an estimate of the expenditures and expected revenues for the year. Finally, the ethical considerations for the marketing plan have been discussed which are also
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