Marketing Plan of Bubble Tea

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FROZEN SNACKS [pic] What is frozen snacks? Frozen snacks is wonders of frozen packaged foods that are commonly available in our local stores, you can from their fridges straight onto a pan mess free and much tastier. Even throwing parties or having a small get together has become stress free by frying ready made Asian snacks such as frozen samosas and spring rolls. Some people don’t like to after work go to the supermarket buy dish and cook, in their refrigerator will store the frozen food. Frozen snack is the food that is need to be frozen, after appropriate processing, through a variety of ways to make it freezing quickly, the packaging and storage at 18 degrees C and - 20 degrees Celsius. Its biggest advantage is in low…show more content…
However, people today are having less and less time spent in the kitchen; most of them would buy frozen spring rolls from the supermarket. Also, another popular food in China is hot-pot. Few may know that many of the ingredients for making hot-pot are actually frozen, such as frozen bean curd, frozen meat balls and etc. About the West Moving west to the European continent, there you can find even greater variety of frozen snacks. For instance, frozen desserts such as cheesecake or puddings; frozen pizza; frozen lasagne and etc. Again, it is possible to turn everything we eat in our daily life into frozen food for easier cooking. CHANGE AGENTS Since more than eighty years ago when Bird Eyes put the first frozen food on aisle, there has been some events affecting the development of frozen food. The Establishment of Iceland In regards of the new evolving customer demand, Iceland was established and opened its first store in Oswestry in 1970. This revolutionary store sold loose frozen products and in just over 10 years grew to a nationwide chain of 75 stores. There was also an increase in the number of supermarkets throughout the 70s, which enabled people to buy frozen food at any time. A Change in Preservation Preserving food in family kitchens during the 20th and 21st centuries was achieved by using household freezers. Advice to householders was to freeze food on the day of purchase. An initiative by a

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