Marketing Plan of Dairy Milk

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Calcium Junior Fiscal Year 2012 Marketing Plan Developed by Dr. Mohammad Mujahidul Islam NSU ID: 1130201090 Riad Bakht Chowdhury NSU ID: 1130177590 Mohammad Salim Akhtar Khan NSU ID: 113047090 Mohammad Saifuzzaman NSU ID: 1130232090 Md. Mustafizur Rahman Khan NSU ID: 1010827090 Developed December 25, 2011 MEDIWORLD PHARMA LTD. Mediworld Pharma Limited Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Introduction 2.1 Attributes 2.2 Development 2.3 Regulatory Approval 2.4 Raw Material Procurement 2.5 Monograph 3. Situation Analysis 3.1 Customers 3.2…show more content…
Hopefully we’ll get the approval the next month. 2.4 Raw Material Procurement Our first year objective is to sell 50,000 bottles per month. Thus we need 900 Kg active raw material per month. We have already imported 5,500 Kg calcium carbonate from Marck, Italy. This amount of RM will give us 6 months stock. Our lead time is 3 months. So considering the post launching analysis we can put further order after 2 months. 2.5 Monograph We are following the latest edition of BP (British Pharmacopoeia) as monograph for the product. We are also following the cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) guideline provided by WHO (World Health Organization). 3. Situation Analysis 3.1 Customers Calcium Junior is a pediatric preparation. It is specially formulated for the children. As a medicine we’ll promote this brand to the doctors but as an OTC medicine we can sell it to the consumers directly. Thus we have the following customer groups: Doctors for prescription 1. Pediatricians 2. Medicine specialists 3. Gynecologists 4. General Practitioners 5. Rural Medical Practitioners Chemists for OTC sales 1. Wholesales 2. Retailers Consumers for direct purchase 1. Retail shops 2. Mega malls 3. Kindergarten schools 3.2 Competitors Our competitors are the other companies which are manufacturing similar brands for similar

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