Marketing Plan of Gatorade

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Strategic Marketing Plan

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Executive summary 2

Introduction 3

Product presentation 4

Company description 4

Product description 4

The environment 7

PEST Analysis of Energy Drinks Industry 7

Market Analysis 10

Situation Analysis of Gatorade in the sports drinks industry 10

Past Marketing Efforts analysis 12

Competition 13

Target Market 15

Marketing Plan 18

Marketing objectives 18

Marketing strategies 18

Evaluation of the potential budget 25

Marketing Budget 25

Budget summary for one year 26

Evaluation of the success of the plan and prospectives 27

Tracking 27

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Conclusion 28

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Executive summary

The aim of this Marketing Plan
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The electrolytes and carbohydrates were not built up again after sweating…So the researchers found a balanced formula between electrolytes and carbohydrates to replace these elements lost through sweating. It was Gatorade.

The Gatorade Sport Science Institute, founded in Barrington, was interested in athletes’needs at a pro level. It held scientific research in sports and improved the number and the quality of the products. They also developed several flavors for each product. The aim of this institute is to optimize the health and performance of athletes through new products which have several functions : Hydration, Sport nutrition, Training and performance.

Nowadays, Gatorade is present with energy drink, energy bar and nutrition shake and is present in more than eighty countries.

Product description
Gatorade offers three series of products:

- GSeries : divided into 3 types of product: Before – During – After (the exercise)

- GSeries Pro : divided into 3 types of product: Before – During – After (the exercise).

- GNatural.

Products which can be consumed before doing sport are called 01prime, during the exercise 02 perform and after the efforts 03 recover.

GSeries : particularly adapted for training or competition.
GSeries 01 prime must preferably be consumed 15 minutes before doing sports to provide energy by a high dose of carbohydrate energy to muscles.

GSeries 02perform has 4 products and must be consumed during the activity. It offers to athletes
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