Marketing Plan of Nestle

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Buyer Power : Unilever’s buyers are scattered all around the world and they are in billions. In true sense they are not so powerful to pull prices down. But on the other hand it is easier for the customers to switch to a competitor. So Unilever has to be very precautious in deciding about prices and keep the customers satisfied. Competitive Rivalry : In consumer products business Unilever has a large number of competitors and these competitors are in reality very strong. They range from small local corner shop retailer to big giants like P&G, Kraft and Nestle. These competitors almost provide equally attractive products and services and sometimes better. These competitors have the power to attract and influence the customers by more…show more content…
They have also been forced to reduce the amount of sugar in their products, as parent 's advocates groups claimed they were contributing to the diabetes epidemic among American children. * General Mills is an experienced, established brand and are the market leader in the USA, however, they have been lacking in innovation, have not cashed in on the booming health food craze and have been behind in creating new, niche products, especially in their yogurt division, where Yoplait is the only brand making a profit. * In 2008, although their products did not carry the recalled pistachios, several of their ice cream brands, Dryer 's, Edy 's and Haagen-Dazs, were still plagued with bad PR and loss of sales. Opportunities * In today 's health conscious societies, they can introduce more health-based products, and because they are a market leader, they would likely be more successful. * Provide allergen free food items, such as gluten free and peanut free. * They launched a new premium line of higher cacao content chocolates dubbed Nestlé Treasures Gold, in order to cash in on the "recession economy" in which consumers cut back on luxury goods, but regularly indulge in candy and chocolate. Americans want luxury chocolates, and high-end chocolate is immune to the recession (so far), because it is an inexpensive indulgence. * Open Nestlé Café 's in major cities to feature Nestlé

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