Marketing Plan of Volvex

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MARKETING PLAN iii Marketing Plan [Name of the Writer] [Name of the Institution] Table of Contents Introduction 1 Logo 2 Mission Statement 3 Target Market 3 Use: 3 Geographic Locations: 3 Marketing Mix 3 Product: 3 Place (Distribution): 4 Pricing: 5 Promotion: 5 Promotional Mix 6 Below-the-line Activities: 6 Above-the-line Activities: 6 Ansoff's Product-Market Expansion Grid 7 Porter's Competitive Strategies 8 SWOT Analysis 8 Strengths 8 Weaknesses 9 Opportunities 9 Threats 10 Conclusion 10 Introduction We have established a new company with the name of "VOLVEX". VOLVEX is an electronics manufacturing company based in Charlotte, NC, US. We want to be recognized as the manufacturer of high quality electronics products and to become one of leading brand in the electronic market. At the initial stage, the company will manufacture wall clocks that will of highest quality and unique designs. VOLVEX has the most advanced technology to manufacture quality products in the market. In order to survive in the competitive market, we have relied on our efficiency and creativity for the growth and development of our brand. At the initial stage, we are offering wide range of wall clocks with unique designs and colors attracting people from different age groups. We want our customers to feel the difference of quality and uniqueness of our product as compare to products of our customer. We design our products by keeping in mind the

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