Marketing Plan of a Indian Restaurant

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Marketing plan for Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane, Year 2011 Source:
Marketing plan for Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane, Year 2011
Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane is at the gateway to Bangla town in London and a branch of Clifton group, where using traditional recipes, cooked fresh and original spices.
This contemporary specious restaurant has 200 seating environment, it offers an extensive range of high quality dishes prepared with unique recipes as well as warm hospitality of Bangladesh and its sub-continent.
Restaurant distinctive features are great food taste and quality, customer service and competitive price.
Scoping statement:
The 2011 marketing plan for Clifton Restaurant emphasises on a
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Source: E-marketing excellence, Smith and Chaffey.

Key findings: In Clifton Restaurant, Brick lane they have introduced new web-site with online booking and order at the end of year 2010.By the end of 2011 they want to reduce marketing cost of 1% and increase of brand awareness of 3%. Now they are targeting 5% of customer communication and at least 20% of customer database by the end of 2011.

Marketing Strategy for Clifton Restaurant for the year 2011

Clifton Restaurant Customers Single Professional (25%)* Family customers (20%)* Tourists (55%)* *=Estimated (Need further research)

International tourists (30%)* & National tourists (25%)*
Fig:, Accessed date- 08.12.2010
Key findings:
In London Brick lane is famous for Curry village and more than 50 Restaurant here. So most of the customers in Brick lane are tourists. According to informal interviews with Restaurant Manager and staffs estimated 55% customers are international and national tourists. Among the total customers estimated 25% are single professionals and 20% families who used to come for lunch or dinner in weekdays and
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