Marketing Plan of a Waste Management Company

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Executive Summary:

Green Industry is an organization which will provide a complete solution for managing industrial liquid waste to large and medium sized companies. It will be a business to business service. In recent days environment pollution has become a concerning issue for everyone.

Marketing Strategy:

The marketing strategy is the core of the main strategy:

1. Emphasize high value, high quality products and services.
2. Build a relationship oriented business.
3. Focus on large and medium industries currently producing liquid wastes and polluting rivers severely as our initial markets.

Products and Services:

Our products and services offer needed solution to the selected industries. We will provide two types of product: 1.
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Landfill Disposal: Solidified waste is transferred from the engineered basin to a site vehicle and directed for disposal within the adjacent Subtitle D landfill.

• Recycling:

The residues which can be recycled to fertilizers will be evaluated by our experienced technicians and then will be sent to our recycling department to process it. These recycling/composting units work as follows. The unit is 50 feet long. The sludge is placed into one end of the unit. To make compost, additional dry fibrous material such as sawdust, wood chips, or bark must be added. We will acquire a steady supply of these from International Paper Company. The unit turns slowly, making four revolutions per hour, to ensure that adequate oxygen gets to all of the composting material. Also, the unit is set on a very slight, 2 degree angle so that as the unit turns, the material slowly migrates toward the opposite end of the unit. During the composting process, the material heats up (due to the natural reaction) to temperatures of approximately 140 degrees Fahrenheit; this kills any harmful bacteria in the composting material. Temperature can be controlled to ensure optimum composting environment. Also, the moisture levels can be controlled to ensure optimum composting. After three days, the material has reached the opposite end of the unit where it is removed.

In Bangladesh most of the industry-owners are not willing to pay high cost to develop effluent management system in their

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