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Executive Summary A ball pen is a very popular writing instrument in Bangladesh. Matador Ball pen Industries is one of the largest ball pen manufacturer in Bangladesh Established in 1998. We are proud to say that we are the largest Disposable Pen maker in ASIA having a capacity of making 1 million Disposable pens per day. Apart from disposable pens, we make refillable ball pen and gel pen with various ball diameters and ink colors to meet our customers' requirements. Matador has created an uncontested marketplace in Bangladesh through value innovation. We have redefined the core value of a pen introducing OIL GEL SYSTEM (OGS) and still developing trendy products innovating various augmented values. Innovative product development has…show more content…
* While the users use it most of the time they find that it has lost it ball. * It emanates ink from its backside. * Old ballpen writing quality is not good because its ink spread out. * When we write something in our script there creates an unexpected gap because its ink can’t pass properly through its head. External environment analysis: Opportunities and Therats are the external part of ballpen. There are some opportunities of ballpen which are OPPORTUNITIES: * All classes of people like it. Some usurer takes it as a stander pen. So they don’t like to use other pen. * Its price is now treated as a stander price. Price is not so high or not so low. The price level is remaining now in satisfactory level. * Bangladesh government promotes small industry. Ballpen production is a small industry. So it enjoy some promotion offer which are * It enjoys tax reduction facility. * According to its price its quality is much better. * Production cost is low due to cheap price of labor. * Expert labors are available in Bangladesh. * Raw materials are available. * It is facing less competition because already it has covered the large number of market share. THREATS: * Test and demand has been changed. Some tk 5 customers

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