Marketing Plan: the Tea Shop

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Marketing Plan: The Tea Shop 1.0 Purpose and Mission 1.1 Purpose of the Marketing Plan This marketing plan for the Tea Shop in Spain is produced to review the future of the business. In this plan, strategies are identified for the growth of the business considering opening new lines of business such as distribution of tea in top-of-the-range restaurants and hotels and also opening new shops in other countries. 1.2 Mission Statement Tea is one of the most drunk beverages in the world. World tea production continued to reach new highs in 2004, when output grew by 2 percent to reach an estimated 3.2 million tonnes, according to an FAO report prepared for the Intergovernmental Group on Tea …show more content…
The macroenvironment includes Political and legal forces, Economic forces, Sociocultural forces, and Technological forces. These are known as PEST factors.
Social and Cultural The life style of Spain is at odds with that of Northern Europe. It is unhurried, loud and smoke-filled. A general "buenos días" (good-morning) or "buenas tardes" (good-afternoon) on entering a shop or bar and "adios" (good bye) on leaving is expected. In conversation, the Spanish aren 't likely to stand uncomfortably close, but they may still pat your arm or shoulder. An expansive body language of Spaniards should not be mistaken or misunderstood for anger. Foreign blonde women continue to hold a particular fascination to older generations. Women must be prepared for lengthy gazes from admiring males. A 5% tip in restaurants and 10% in taxis will e appreciated. Public toilets are rare but it is quite acceptable to use facilities of a café or bar even if you are not a customer. Yawning and stretching in public is considered vulgar. Meals in Spain are perfect occasion for establishing personal relationship and rapport with business partners. During a meal make an effort to eat everything as it is considered rude to dump food. When you have finished, place knife and pork parallel in your plate otherwise it will be assumed that you want more to eat. In the Spanish business culture, gifts are usually offered

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