Marketing Planning Is Very Essential For Alcor Petro Lab

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INTRODUCTION The marketing planning is very essential for Alcor Petro lab to be successful in the local and global market. This involves an outline of the organization and their complete marketing efforts. Being that marketing in the R&D petroleum world isn’t done by radio, TV nor newspaper it has to be very noticeable on all job search sites as well by word of mouth. There are a few steps of the marketing plan as a marketing mix, they are strategy and tactics. While strategically planning, Alcor Petro lab has to complete a one year plan that helps in identifying the existing problems and their solutions. Mission Statement The Company has developed a Quality Management System (QMS) in order to achieve these objectives. The system defines the Company’s technical and administrative policies and procedures. The Company will implement the QMS through training of new Associates, regular refresher training and internal audits. The Company will continue to improve the Quality Management System over time. This will be done by annual review process and regular revisions as improvements and/or corrections are identified. Our petroleum laboratory consist of all the factors it can use to create a competitive advantage. These factors include a positive brand recognition. For instance, another lab may possess patents that give it an edge over what other labs can offer but our lab offers off hour testing with certain cost advantages. Our staff are specialized skilled workers that

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