Marketing Planning Strategies

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Marketing Planning Strategies Name Institutional Affiliation Date: Marketing Planning Strategies New Times Providers Executive Summary: New Times Providers designed their sales and marketing strategies by analyzing the current market conditions and their own strengths. Through this process, New Times Providers was able to develop their sales and marketing strategy to leverage their competitive advantage with peculiar marketing strategies. This enabled them to establish the company as the leading print service provider for consumers and business. New Times Providers has created momentum by engaging critical brand and mass recognition. The company will monitor the degree of effectiveness of their marketing efforts to establish the return of advertising on commerce and investment generated from different channels. The ongoing sales and marketing strategies by New Times Providers entail expanding and maintaining a wide range of target markets (Nash, 2011). Further, they are creating alliances with services and products firms to deliver quality products. This has enabled the company to invoke themselves thus bringing and implementing total solutions for the benefit of customers. The marketing plan for New Times Providers is based on key fundamentals, which include: The target market segments The distributions that the company intends to use in reaching out to the target market segments: sales representatives, retail outlets, and telemarketing. The expected market share
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