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Executive Summary

Just Us is an independent Canadian co-operative coffee roaster with a small chain of own cafes in Nova Scotia and a large network of distribution throughout Canada and in the USA. Apart from coffee, their products include tea, cocoa, sugar and various supplementary products. All of Just Us main products are fair trade certified and some of them are organic.
Being an entirely fair trade company means Just Us pays its suppliers from so-called “third world” countries a fair price, including a premium for social welfare, gets into long-term contracts (equal or more then a harvest cycle) with them skipping middlemen who often absorb most of the margin and offers them additional benefits e.g. pre-payment and loans. “The
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2. Situational Analysis To stay tuned to the recent situation in order not to miss perspective opportunities, an organization should go on with continuous scanning of its environment. According to Jobber, environmental scanning is “the process of monitoring and analyzing the marketing environment of a company” (Jobber, 2010, p.93). Aguilar states (Aguilar, 1967, cited in Costa, 1995, pp.4-5) that environmental scanning serves the purpose of gathering information about the facts and events happening around the company in order to let the management lead the organization in the right direction. Most of the authors agree on the same main function of environmental scanning. However, there is a slightly different view on that presented by Boone and Kurtz (2011, p.61). They argue that the main purpose of environmental scanning is to identify the present trends and the extent to which they affect the company. If any trend provides an opportunity or poses a real threat to the business, appropriate action should follow. The companies that successfully implement scanning are more likely not to miss essential information and thus to act effectively as they know “what is going on” (Slaughter, 1999, p.442). A positive correlation

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