Marketing Plans: Analyzing the Product Success of Coca Cola

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Introduction Marketing planning is a key to either success or failure of products in marketing management. This paper analyzes the meaning of a market plan and how it has helped the product or services to be more successful and on the other side, how the market plan has made the product to become of great failure in most organizations. The paper will also analyze an overview of some movies considered to be a failure as well as, extrapolating the problems in studio's plan, forecasting at the demand for a project. The marketing plan successes or failures can be brought about by how a plan of that product has been written. For example, research done recently shows that Coca-Cola has been for years the product having a great outstanding plans in regards to marketing, however, the plan in which it was marketed sometimes later led to a downfall for its products. A marketing plan in a marketing management is the document written in a business that describes the business current positions of a market with their marketing strategy covered during the marketing plan (Kotler and Keller, 2012). Marketing plan can be done for one to five years. Some of the elements that is considered in the marketing plan includes a description of the competitors within the organization, the product and services demand, the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and the opportunities from both the businesses as well as, the competitors. Marketing Plans: The Product Success The marketing plan of the
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