Marketing Plans for Naturals Saloon

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The natural’s saloon is one of the major saloons located in the heart of the Chennai city (nungambakkam).It was started with and initial capital of Rs.20, 00,000. Now, It has already got three more franchise in the busy areas like Anna nagar, Tnagar, Guindy. It was established in 2008 and still operating its business successfully.
Chennai has got 4.6million resident which makes it the sixth most populous city in India. Chennai has broad industrial base in the automobiles, computer, technology, hardware manufacturing and health care sector. By taking all these information we can assume that there is a vast opportunity for Naturals saloons business expansion. The other small saloons, auyrvedic spa and few branded saloons has always been a threat to the growth of Naturals saloon.
After considering all the above factors a marketing plan is going to be prepared to enhance their sales and to provide better quality than their competitors.
As the first step situation analysis is done which includes market analysis, financial analysis, customer’s analysis, competitor’s analysis and SWOT analysis. They have many competitors in the city, to overcome the threat of competitors new marketing strategies are to be developed. So, as the second step a new marketing segmentation, targeting and positioning (STP) process is planned. As the third step, 4p’s of marketing mix is planned.
The main objective for preparing this marketing plan

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