Marketing Positioning

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What is positioning? How has the organisation that you have selected positioned their product?
As we all know that, there are three steps in target marketing which are market segmentation, market targeting and market positioning. According to Kotler (2010), the definition of product position is “the way the product is defined by consumer on important attributes – the place the product occupies in consumers’ minds relative to competing product” (P280). Furthermore, in principle, a brand must have something special in order to be remembered by the target market. As a consequence, a clear position in the prospect’s mind should be one of the most important goals in marketing strategies because it will make their products have the greatest
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This is their services differentiation. Secondly, CLINIQUE also have image differentiation. CLINIQUE male skin products have a special dark package and under the “CLINIQUE”, there are a sentence “skin suppies for men”, this is particularly from other brand. As we all know that, CLINIQUE has a high standard quality male skin care product whereas the prices of them are not expensive so CLINIQUE is very affordable. To sum up, marketers always use competitive advantages to enhance their product performance. More specifically, CLINIQUE has its own competitive advantage which is high quality, golden standard personalized services and special brand image.
Positioning outcome is the final steps of market positioning. Positioning is the way that the consumer understands about the brand instead of what the seller wants to be remembered by the target market (Tudor et. al, 2012). The brand must deliver some specific benefits and specific meaning of their product to the target market. For CLINIQUE male skin care product, they are concentrated on some product founded on their dermatological heritage and it is crucial in the world, this is one of the specific elements of the product. Furthermore, there is a special three-steps-skin care process for male that they can make the choice more efficiency by following these steps. This is the other specific benefit that CLINIQUE have for male.
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