Marketing Practice of Silk Product

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Marketing Practice of Silk Product


"Marketing mix is a combination of the four elements products, price structure, distribution system, and promotion activities-used to satisfy the needs of an organization 's target markets and, at same time, achieve its marketing objectives", Marketer 's success depends on right implementation of this marketing mix. If there is any problem in marketing mix it requires finding out this problem and solution. Researcher has find out the problem of marketing mix elements in silk products marketing.

Product is a set of tangible and intangible attribute including packaging, color, price, quality and brand plus the seller 's services and reputation. A product may be a good,
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PRICE: Price is one of the elements by which producer earn their profit. Weaver traditionally set up their price considering the market price that sometimes becomes less than production cost. Sometimes they set up their price below production cost because they do not calculate the production cost. Researcher observed that competition-based price is used to set the price for silk product.
Doul silk has several types of price category
Price category
Table – 1
|Product |Price category |
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