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Part one of the assignment is to discus the macro environmental forces and key trends in personal computer and snack foods industries. Macro environment consists of six larger societal factors that affect the micro environment. The forces are demographic environment, economic, natural environment, technological environment, political environment and cultural environment.

In part two of the assignment has three research situations. Each of the situations will be discussed that what type of data collection method is suitable for it, the reasons for choice and the potential problems. There are three methods of collecting information, mail questionnaires, personal interview and
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Includes years 7-15 schools and years 9-15 schools with attached intermediates
Internal Data Source: SAS Summary Part 12ai

-Growing ethnic diversity (

Economic Environment
It consists of factors that affect consumer purchasing power and spending patterns.

-Changes in income
Follow by the increasing income, people may change computers more frequently and buying better quality computers, such as IBM computers. For example, previous time consumers may alter their computers every 7 years, since their income getting higher, they may vary their computer every 5 years.

Average and Median Weekly Income by Regional Council Area and Sex for All People
Measures Average Weekly Income Median Weekly Income Number of People
2003 539 401 3,028,290
2002 513 384 2,963,510
2001 474 362 2,912,310
2000 447 340 2,892,540
1999 441 328 2,873,290
1998 425 312 2,857,150
Notes: Median Weekly Income - The middle point of the distribution of weekly income. So if there were 99 people, the median weekly income would be the weekly income of the fiftieth person, when people are ordered in terms of

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