Marketing Principles

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BTEC Higher National Certificate in Business Assignment Brief

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4 Marketing Principles

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

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The purpose of this is to formulate a suitable marketing campaign for your chosen organisation. Produce a report detailing the below. As part of the introduction to the report give a brief explanation of the various elements of the marketing process (LO 1.1) Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for the selected organisation. (LO 1.2) Carry out a thorough organisation, industry and market environment situation analysis. For this, identify and analyse Macro environment, Micro external environment, Micro internal environment and the capabilities using a range of tools and techniques suitable for each market situation. Summarised your analysis using a SWOT Analysis. Include minimum key factors such as the different analysis models, you must carry out; - Macro environment analysis - Micro external environment
Unit 4: Marketing Principles Regent College

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Business

- Micro Internal (Core & Distinctive competencies) - Capabilities You must carry out the above analysis and you are welcome to use more tools and techniques to support your findings. Summarise your finding through a SWOT analysis (LO 2.1) Following the SWOT analysis identify a product/service that can be marketed to two different segments. Justify your reason for the proposed segmentation criteria. (LO 2.2) Choose a target strategy for the chosen product/service. (LO 2.3) For the

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