Marketing Principles

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BSB51207 Diploma of Marketing
Subject name: Marketing Principles Subject code: MR02

STUDENT HANDOUT ASSESSMENT PART ONE MARKETING RESEARCH REPORT Unit of Competency: BSBMKG501B - Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities /35 C or NYC
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BSB51207 Diploma of Marketing

MR02 - Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities BSBMKG501B – Identify and Evaluate Marketing Opportunities

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You will provide your completed assessment for all of Part One in one document with cover page (included in this assessment tool on page 2). You are required to professionally format your document including spell-check and indicating each Task answer [e.g. Task 1 (a.) then the answer, Task 1 (b.) then the answer etc.] according to this Assessment Tool Task requirement. You may lose marks if you have not spell-checked your document (as this is a professional formatting requirement, a business skill). Whenever conducting a Presentation, you must always provide copies of MS PowerPoint slides as evidence for your Trainer/Assessor. Be sure to properly reference your sources of information using the Harvard referencing system. For more information go to:1. Student Handbook - latest version 2. AIPE Connect online resources; or 3. Ask your Trainer/Assessor to provide you with this information In order to determine if you are addressing this assessment adequately in terms of competency/comprehension (prior to due date) a draft copy of your assessment should be discussed during class time in consultation with your Trainer/Assessor. For this feedback/ support from your Trainer/Assessor, you will need to bring to class your “draft copy” with any evidence of the research you have conducted to produce the assessment. AIPE accommodates students with reasonable adjustments to training and assessment. This could include variations in course delivery or assessment methodology and it

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