Marketing Principles Of Starbucks Coffee

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Topic Written By: Mircea Irimia Student ID: 23786 Module Name: Marketing Principles Submission closing date: 19th June, 2015 Table of Contents Executive summary: 3 Introduction: 3 Requirement 1 3 1.1: Define marketing and explain the elements of the marketing process 4 1.2: Evaluate the benefits and costs of a marketing orientation for Starbucks coffee. Explain customer and competitor orientation and competitive advantage. Highlight the importance of customer satisfaction, customer care and relationship marketing. 5 Requirement 2 7 2.1: Show macro and micro environmental factors which influence marketing decisions. Explain the importance of stakeholders; describe the competitive environment (Porter’s 5 forces…show more content…
The marketing principles are described in the whole assignment. In task 1 I described the definition of marketing and elements of the marketing process. In task 2 I described the environmentalissues in the efficient marketing operation. In task 3 I described the product development concepts and in take 4 I described the international marketing and domestic marketing concept. Introduction: Marketing is the main focus point of the business effectiveness. Marketing sectors of the business organization plays an important role in the achievement of the business goals and objectives. The efficient marketing operation helps the business organization for the achievement of the competitive advantages. . The marketing orientation indicates the increment of the selling products in the new markets and gaining the competitive advantage from the global market places. The marketing orientation also focused on the advertising of the company’s products for gaining the largest share market value and becoming the leader in the market. The macro and micro environmental factors affected the efficient marketing operation. The product development ensures the quality of the product and the international marketing is different from the domestic marketing (Griffin.m, 2009) Requirement 1 1.1: Define marketing and explain the elements of the marketing process The business organization is
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