Marketing Principles Of The Healthcare Industry

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Increasing competition in the healthcare industry have challenge healthcare administrators and other stakeholders to use marketing principles to market their healthcare services. Among the many marketing techniques, focusing on patient experience, grassroot marketing, word-of-mouth and using employee as marketers are proven to be the most effective due to the nature of the business. A study conducted by Sharp HealthCare suggests that “ focusing first on improving the healthcare experience for patients, physicians, and employees can provide the impetus for a vital marketing strategy that can lead to increase market share and net revenue” (Lofgren, D.G. et al., 2006).
Healthcare organizations need to provide consumers with
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Furthermore, the game highlights the need for cooperation, coordination and effective communication between diverse professionals in creating a unique experience for each and every patient.
Janice Williams (Charge Nurse)
Gaps Model of Service Quality Beginning with Janice Williams, the charge nurse of Metro Hospital, it is clear that there is a gap between what is expected by patients and other professionals and what actually occurs. It is a busy day at the Metro Hospital for Janice Williams. While taking care of all the patients in the ward, she has to make time to attend a staff meeting. As she was planning on leaving for the meeting, Mrs. Wimberley, one of her patients got hungry and wanted to talk to her. Janice met with the patient and listen to the patient’s needs to close the listening gap. After listening to Mrs. Wimberley’s needs Janice examined the patient medical chart and made a reasonable choice that the patient cannot have solid food (pudding). This closes the service design gap because Janice followed the appropriate guidelines and protocols. She also explained Mrs. Wimberley about her diet implications while showing sincerity, warmth, and empathy, closing the service performance gap and communication gap.
Dimensions of Quality During the process improvement meeting, Janice pointed out the issues with the current hospital buildings. Tangibles such as facilities, and equipments are the most important dimension
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