Marketing Principles Tesco

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1.1 Illustrate various element of marketing process.
Marketing is process of interesting potential customers and clients in product or service. Marketing process consist of four steps, completed whit the goal of creating value for the target customers. Some of the element are development of communication marketing plan, monitoring the marketing environment, segmentation, targeting and positioning.
1.2 Marketing oriented approach to developing new
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The company also examined macro consumer spending patterns, shopping habits, leisure trends economic issues and practices of the leading international retailers.The decision was made to leave behind the budget end of the market and concentrate to delivering superior customer service, quality goods and the latest retail concepts to a newly-defined priority target market. By following this strategy, whit new look stores, better trained staff, better customer service and improved merchandise range Tesco has left all competitors at the back.
2.3 Select product/service from Tesco and propose an appropriate targeting strategy to help boost sales for Tesco’s
Tesco introduced loyalty card branded “club card” In 1995.This card was giving discount but what is more imported it give an opportunity to keep a hand on a pulse of customers need and to collect all necessary data for future planning.
“Data about food is more insightful than any other kind of data: you are what you eat”
Clarke said
“But now we are turning
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