Marketing Process and Orientation

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Marketing Process and Orientation: Since the beginning of mass production and the globalization of economic activity, marketing has continued to develop to an extent that it has gained a predominant role in the modern business environment. This is mainly because marketing helps the organization to establish a link with its customers since it's geared towards satisfying the needs and wants of both parties through the exchange process. In addition to being human activity, marketing basically involves various initiatives like product development, communication, research, promotion, and pricing. As a result of its predominant role in the modern business environment, the manager needs to gain thorough knowledge of marketing in order to conduct their functions in effective ways. The Marketing Process: The marketing process has attracted huge attention in the past few years because of the maintenance of stability in demand for products ("Elements of Marketing", n.d.). Producers and distributors use various procedures or processes to identify their product such as branding, packaging, and advertising. The marketing process is conducted based on the marketing concept in which the business must identify means for discovering unsatisfied customer needs and produce goods and/or services that meet those needs. Some of the major elements of the marketing process include needs and wants, demand, the marketing mix, and marketing plan. Needs and wants is a major element of the
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