Marketing Project : Cactus Rose And Tequila Bar

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As stated in the first paper, Cactus Rose and tequila bar which is located in Wilton is the marketing project assigned for our group of five. Part three in the textbook is called “Reaching Your Customer” which covers chapters 8-11. Part three basically covers the different promotional strategies in order to attract your customer more to buy the product. Also, this chapter informs us the importance of the various flows of the supply chain, pricing strategies and branding strategies. This will help marketers to understand, advertise and manage the product’s goods, services, finances and information to better sell the product that will gain more profit for consumers. Part four in our textbook is named “Responding to Your Customer” which…show more content…
They need more marketing strategies to boost sales and satisfy future and current customers. In order to accomplish the promotion mix, the best way is advertising through social media. The advantage of internet advertising is the restaurant can reduced cost relative to advertising on other forms of media and they can target specific customers. Our group planned to advertise this in social media sites particularly Facebook, Instagram, Yelp and the newly website that we created which is on Weebly. We also thought about Cactus Rose having coupons as discounted deals for first time buyers which can be redeemed in ordering sites such as Groupon and GrubHub. Chapter 9 covers the significance of the various flows of supply chain and logistics management that will help balance managing the restaurant’s goods, services, finances and other information. By understanding the supply chain and some of its strategies, Cactus Rose will be able to have more control to the customer value they provide. In return, the restaurant will develop higher revenue. The other benefits they will receive when incorporating the supply chains are reduction of costs, better customer service, efficient use of resources and gaining ability to respond to changes in the marketplace. They should also be able to know how to manage their inventory wisely. The JIT or just-in-time is a manufacturing process that seeks to make products

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