Marketing Project : Coffee Shop And Internet Cafe

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Marketing Project II (Marketing Mix) - Coffee Shop and Internet Café Product While the main retail products of the coffee shop and internet café are regular coffee, specialty blends, specialty drinks, such as latte’s, or several types of hot and iced teas. Atmosphere will be a big factor that will appeal to the present and future customers of the Coffee Shop and Internet café. The décor and surroundings are very welcoming and relaxing. There are appropriate sized tables that allow for socialization and/or work to be accomplished. A soft mix of music is also played in the café that enhances the atmosphere. The type of music played is determined by the customers in the form of requests. In this way we try to appeal to everyone’s taste in music and eliminate losing customers due to the music choice. We also offer an additional room that is designated a quiet area for those patrons who prefer a quieter atmosphere where they can study or conduct a meeting without the music and people talking so much. In this room there are comfortable work stations located on the walls, two larger tables, medium size tables that can seat four people, and a few two person tables suitable for a one on one study group. Coffee is available in almost every fast food chain, gas stations, and especially coffee shops, a form of pure competition, so the atmosphere will be the deciding factor. The coffee shop and internet café’ desires to provide the needs of its customers by giving them a
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