Marketing Project Failures : What Can Be Learned?

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DATE: Sunday October 19, 2014
TO: Professor Sherri Herriman
FROM: Vipin Nirmal Mangaadan
CC: Victoria Dcosta, Diksha Kalia, Gowtham Mahalinghem, Umesh Shirsat
SUBJECT: Group #5 – Marketing Project Failures: What Can Be Learned?

This report focusses on the various reasons that many marketing strategies of companies do not work as planned. It highlights the failures that companies have encountered while marketing their products. This will help the readers understand the importance of having a strong marketing strategy. It will also guide them on how to avoid such marketing failures and the need to strengthen the brand image of their product.

Many organizations experiment with new marketing ideas frequently. They are often confused about which strategy to use. To avoid being old-fashioned and in an attempt to catch up with current trends, they tend to enter social media campaigns and other such marketing tactics. However, they should try implementing strategies that suit their purpose, instead of following the ideas used by most of their competitors.
Social media marketing is a powerful tool and can be very helpful if used correctly. Organizations with less experience in marketing on social media sites, lack comfort, feasibility and impressiveness that is expected on this platform. They fail to analyze the expectations of the customers and keep them engaged. Posting controversial pictures and statements that may hurt the sentiments of people also
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