Marketing Project Of Amazon Inc. Essay

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Amazon Inc. is a commercial company of American origin that has its principal activities in cloud computing and electronic commerce. The company has separate retail websites in many countries including the United Kingdom, France, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Japan, and Netherlands among others. Amazon has a major competitor that is Walmart, but the company works hard to suppress the latter so that it remains the most valuable retailer with stable market capitalization in the United States (The Guardian, 2015). Operations at Amazon include both local and international shipping that take place within its websites, and that is why it is ranked the fifth largest company globally. This paper is a portfolio project of Amazon Company and its operations in three countries; Japan, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
Part One is my chosen company, and it operates in three countries including Germany, Japan and the United Kingdom based in different continents. The three countries have 85% of the company 's sales and experts suggest that the company will continue expanding more stores and production in the countries. The United Kingdom, Germany, and Japan are all members of the IMF, World Bank, and WTO. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) functions as an international organization that fosters global cooperation on monetary issues facilitate international trade among countries and ensure that all its country members have some financial stability. IMF also
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