Marketing Project Of The Fitness Center

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Name of the project: Marketing Project of the fitness center Purpose of the project: Create advertising campaign for the fitness center Introduction: The Head office of Bounce Fitness located in Cairns, Queensland was established in 2001 by Margaret. Two years later membership increases demanded the small leased centre be expanded and a new facility was built on land purchased by organization. In 2004 a second centre was established in leased premises in Brisbane (Queensland) and then Sydney (New South Wales) and Melbourne (Victoria) in the subsequent two years. A new intention is to establish a new centre in Perth (Western Australia). Bounce Fitness centre will lead a marketing plan focus on adults 50 to 70 year with a health concerns and sufficient disposable income to take out memberships. Emphasis will be placed on female clients. This campaign is for its 4 modern and well equipped fitness centers. Bounce Fitness Centre will begin by targeting the more established suburbs where there are many original residents who are generally older, without children at home and are retiring. A wellness program will be implemented for helping this group to address health concerns and change their lifestyles, recover from illness, reduce depression, increase independence, reduce high risk of disease, etc. I. Define the purposes and objectives from marketing plan: • Bounce Fitness is looking for the same or a better personal training service • Better price than the
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