Marketing Project : Sales Funnel Management

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Research Paper Sales Funnel Management I. Introduction Imagine that the salespeople need to figure out who, how and where to find their potential leads for sales. The salespeople would probably find that out by pulling out contacts from the lists of people who visited their booth at a trade show or people who registered on their website or people who left their contact details on promotion website. The salespeople would then try to close deals with these people without knowing or with very least knowledge on how the customer has been experiencing in their buying process. That is why understanding sales funnel is very crucial for salespeople. This paper is going to elaborate on sales funnel management and how to effectively manage the sales funnel that would impact the revenue of a company. II. Understanding Sales Funnel Sales funnel is considered as a navigation of how to sell demonstrated in an inverted pyramid that allows salesperson to understand the customer journey and to know what activities should be taken to engage with the customer throughout their buying process (Pipedrive, 2015). The sales funnel also helps salespeople to identify potential leads for their sales. There are many stages in the sales funnel depends on different companies and industries. However, it is just as important to understand the big picture of the combined marketing and sales funnel because now salespeople do not have to do everything from the beginning of the customer journey as it
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