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BRANDING STRATEGIES OF [pic] MOBILE PHONE IN BANGLADESH [pic] [pic] Introduction Marketing strategy of a company in a new country plays a vital role in determining its future in that country. SYMPHONY, a Chinese origin mobile phone which entered Bangladesh market in the year 2008 focused to capture the market with its low pricing; exclusive features and designs challenging the renowned existing brands that took hold of a large market share during that period. SYMPHONY adapted to the Bangladeshi conditions and with its wide range of promotional campaigns became successful to target mostly the low-end users who preferred more features at low prices rather than having known brands…show more content…
The product forms are categorized on the basis of basic features, full touch functions, multimedia, premium, QWERTY keypad, touch and type and camera. Some of the best models of SYMPHONY are X100 which was the first to have a QWERTY keypad, FT10 which came up with a full touch display, SYMPHONY T45 which is best for its multimedia features and a lot more. An example of product forms of SYMPHONY, i.e, two different models of SYMPHONY along with its feature categories is given below: |Categories |SYMPHONY | |Models |X100 |T45 | |Sim Card |Dual |Dual | |Price(tk) |3990 |2840 | |Camera |VGA |VGA | |Display Size |2.2 inch |2.4 inch | |Internet |Yes |GPRS class 12 | |FM Radio |Yes |Yes | |Audio Player |MP3 |MP3 | |Video Player |MP4

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