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Promotion: Sales Promotion: 1. We will use free samples to give people a chance to try the product. We will send free sample to retail stores and supermarkets. They can have a section for Nestle to help people if they need assistance. 2. We will make the combo. The combo is water, chocolate and ice cream. Sometimes elderly have a desire for something sweet but because they are health conscious our modified product is healthy. This way the customer and consumers are happy and satisfied. 3. We will also set a buy one and get one deal. Old people are caring; they always buy things for their grandchildren. Sometimes they want to eat ice cream and they can buy it and get one free to their grandchildren. Personal Selling: Personal selling is…show more content…
This describes an old man takes his grandson and they eat Nestle ice cream together. They feel so happy. Sometimes old man feel so lonely, they want to do things with their grandchildren. This ad will make old people want to buy ice-cream to share with their grandchildren. Pull strategy is used because old people care about their health. Our products have so many Vitamins and nutrition. So we use newspapers and televisions to communicate the marketing message to old people. For example, Promotion Strategy Of the six elements of promotion, Nestle uses advertising, sales promotions online marketing, and public relations to engage loyal customers and persuade new users to buy Kit Kat. Kit Kat advertising efforts includes print, billboards, bus stops and television. Sales Promotions is in form of contest aimed at the end consumer. They had four major contests with cash and travel prizes. During the summer 2012 Olympics, consumers could vote for the number of medals they believed Canada would bring home for a chance to win $25,000.Kit Kats “Big Break” contest gave away $1,000 each week for the duration of the promotion with an additional three $100,000 grand prizes. Recently, Kit Kat asked fans to vote for their favorite Chunky flavor for a chance to win a trip to one of the three U.S. destinations. Online Marketing Kit Kat uses Facebook and Twitter to keep consumers informed of product developments and upcoming events. So Online marketing is good for seniors cannot come
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