Marketing Proposal : A New Website Platform For The Secondhand Book Selling

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Y Combinator Mountain View, LA March 21, 2016 Paul Graham Business manager Y Combinator Mountain View, LA Dear Mr. Graham: I have well heard about the great achievement of Y Combinator in the venture capital investment. The attached business proposal is about to establish a new website platform for the secondhand textbook exchange. It aims to deal with the long lasting problem of over inflation of textbook price in US. Yet currently it is also seeking the capital supporting to launch. In this report you can find out why we want to make such website, what potential such website will be given the current development status of the online retailing and secondhand book selling in US, how the $500,000 capital will be used, and how the website business will be expected to become in the first three years. It is expected that such website will realize the financial breakeven at the third year and get profit from the fourth year. Generally, the propose website will have the following characters: a. It charges nothing to the clients but earn revenue from advertisement and sales commissions from third party service providers. b. It uses the points rather than money to make the book transaction. People earn the points from mutual contribution. c. It has the supplemental system to make a reference price for books on sales, which comes from the historical transaction for the similar book on the internet. We believe it would be a good business opportunity by having both the

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