Marketing Proposal For Consumers Professional Credit Union

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This marketing proposal, designed by Justin Ellenwood is created exclusively for use by Consumers Professional Credit Union.
Consumers Professional Credit Union (CPCU) will be creating a new product and a new service to go along with this product. The product will be a credit card reader for any mobile device. To enhance this product a mobile application will also be created. This application will be a free application, which charges a fee per transaction. However, there will be a premium option that will waive the transaction fee, as well as gain some enhanced features.
It was determined that a credit card reader and mobile application would be a good fit for CPCU by researching the current options, the Canadian market, and if there is a need. First, the most known credit card reader was looked at. This would be Square and it currently operates in Canada, Japan, Australia, and United States (Square Office Locations, n.d.). According to Cocotas (2012) in 2012, Square revealed that it was processing payments totaling roughly $11 million a day, a $2 billion increase from the previous year.
So there is defiantly a market for credit card readers and mobile applications, but why consider Canada? Canada has a mobile readiness score of 42.0, which is the second highest behind Singapore (Mobile Payments Readiness Index, n.d.). “According to the MasterCard Mobile Payments Readiness Index, Canada, like the United States, is very strong in propensity and usage in

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