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Greyston Bakery Marketing Proposal
Executive Summary
Marketing is a very crucial component of every business. The case study mentioned in this paper discusses a complex business structure, where the company’s goals are more concerned with community and environment sustainability. However, for the concerned company to achieve its goals, the Chief Executive Officer needs to improve its profitability without deviating from the core mission. This proposal will address the key issues facing the company, propose strategies to solve the pertinent issues and choose the best strategy for implementation. Furthermore, the proposal will explain the rationale for choosing the aforementioned strategy and analyze the strategy’s execution plan.
Statement of Purpose
The aim of this marketing proposal is to identify the key issues lowering profitability at Greyston Bakery, propose three strategies to increase lucrativeness while supporting the Benefit Corporation 's mission, and choose the best strategy to present to the Chief Executive Officer.
Key Issue addressed
Enhancing Profitability
The primary intention for establishing a business is to generate profits. In this scenario, Greyston Bakery seeks to go beyond profit making by ensuring that it operates in the best interest of its workers, community, and the environment since it is a Benefit Corporation. However, without enhancing its profits, the company can neither support its mission nor realize its goals. The Chief Executive Officer,
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