Essay on Marketing Proposal for Chuck E Cheese in China

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Marketing Proposal for Diversifying Into China Executive Summary Chuck E. Cheese’s (CEC) is publicly traded company founded by Nolan Bushnell in 19771 in San Jose CA. CEC currently operates over 500 stores domestically and internationally; expanding into countries such as Chile, Saudi Arabia, Puerto Rico, U.A.E, Guatemala and Canada2. CEC mainly provides games, entertainment, party and food for children aged two to fourteen years old within a safe environment. The marketing proposal explores the possibility of expanding CEC into untapped, high growth market areas in China. CEC product is modified to tailor the tastes of Chinese children and families. This proposal looks at the overall country and culture, number of children and…show more content…
Product Analysis Attributes One attribute of CEC is the kid friendly environment. CEC is decorated with brightly-colored, smiling characters from beloved cartoons. The place is filled with video games, rides and other attractions. The famous CEC mouse frequently interacts with the kids. Another attribute is safety. CEC offers a menu full of kid-favorite foods prepared with a focus on food safety6. In addition, through the Kid Check system, children cannot leave the establishment before they’re positively matched up via ink hand-stamps with the adult who brought them in. A third attribute is flexibility. CEC is available not only for families looking for everyday fun but also for special occasions7, for which special arrangements are made. These characteristics in CEC’s products guarantee memorable moments for children. In Shanghai operations, these attributes will be adopted to the local preferences. Pricing In the U.S., admission to any CEC is free. While tokens for rides and games are sold $0.25 per ride/game, the menu selection, price, and package information varies by location. In Shanghai, the value for games and rides would be approximately CNY 5.0 for 4 tokens. The menu selection, price and package information for the Shanghai operations would be competitive with the existing food chains, (See

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