Marketing Report : Mcdonald 's Family

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Scott Bennet
Marketing Report

The following report is on the named organisation McDonalds. The McDonald’s family was founded by Raymond Albert Croc in 1940. The first ever store was built in 1955 which was situated Des Plaines, Illinois. The McDonald’s headquarters in also located in Illinois. McDonalds turned into the biggest restaurant business in the world. There are now over 30000 restaurants that serve 47 million customers in more than 121 countries. The marketing concept is the philosophy that companies must analyse the needs of their consumers and make choices to fulfil these needs, better than their competitors. Today, the majority of companies have embraced the marketing concept, however this has not always been the situation.

McDonald 's has been known as a great place to work in more than 30 of the markets as how they go about their business.
• In 2013, Forbes names McDonald’s number six as the “World’s Most Valuable Brand” and was also named number seven as the “World’s Most Powerful Brand”.
• Fortune named McDonald’s number twenty two as the “World’s Most Admired Company”
• McDonalds was named as the “World’s Best Multinational Workplaces” in 201.

Strategic Plan:-
McDonalds are hoping to open 400 new Drive-thru stores in the next 10 years. As McDonalds is an emergent success, the goal is to rise the pace of attainments with a target of 40 new restaurant openings annually as of 2014.
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