Marketing Report for Opening a Fast Food Business Essay

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Marketing Report for Opening a Fast Food Business SUBJECT: Opening a new fast food restaurant 1. BACKGROUND INFORMATION From all the research I have carried out I have been able to find out what people want and what the competition is like. This information links back to my original task, of opening a new business and make it survive. This links in because in order for my business to survive I will have to know what the people want and how I am going to persuade people to but my fast food rather than the competition’s fast food. Marketing mix is the combination of factors that help the business sell their product. These four factors are the product, the price, the place and the…show more content…
Choosing the right form of promotion is also very important. If you had found out from a survey that 9 out of 10 people listen to 1 particular radio station, for example radio 1, and then you advertise your business on a different radio station, for example SGR Colchester, then people may not know about your business. And this therefore would mean that you wouldn’t make any profit because you promoted your business on the least popular radio station. All of these factors are important and one of them doesn’t work without the other three as well. Product A product is a good made or a service provided by the business. For my business as a restaurant I had several options of what I could sell in my business. These were my options: Pizzas, burgers, chicken, chips, kebabs, pasta and sandwiches. I could also have a choice of what toppings I could put on a pizza, these options were: Margarita, Pepperoni, chicken, meat feast, Hawaiian or vegetarian. As well as the burger and the fillings I also had a choice of what type of bread I would use for sandwiches. I have decided from looking at the research of my survey that it would be best for me to use a stuffed crust base for my pizzas as 18 out of the 20 people I had given a questionnaire said they preferred stuffed crust. My competition McDonald’s sells vegetarian burgers, so I have decided to make a

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