Marketing Report of Window Weatherguard

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Marketing Report of Window Weatherguard

Executive summary
This report is to design the marketing strategy of one of new inventions in 2011- Window Weatherguard. The guard is installed, without tool needed, on sliding windows, in order to keep rain out of the building while let airflow in. It effectively protects interiors and reduces indoor air pollution. Base on the analysis the marketing environment and consumer behaviours, segmentation, targeting, positioning are designed, as well as product and pricing plan.

Table of Contents

Background of the invention 4 marketing environment analisys 5 microenvironment analysis 5 marcroenrionment analsis 8 consumer behaviour analisys 8 potential customer behaviour 8
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(2) Marketing intermediaries
Marketing intermediaries consists of physical distribution firms, resellers, marketing services agencies and financial intermediaries (Reza, Kamran & Gholamreza, 2011, p. 27). According to Window Weatherguard website, there is only one page made by Chief Graphics. This is obviously not enough for selling products. The main reason probably is lack of funds. It is not easy for a small company to raise sufficient funds to advertise the product. In perspective of intermediaries, financial intermediaries and resellers could do a favour. We might borrow money from banks. We can still cooperate with some resellers to enhance distribution channels and recruit more customers by sharing profits. For example, if the net profits are 50 dollars for each product, we could provide retailers 20%.
(3) Customers
Window Weatherguards closely related to building and construction section. The targeted customers can be individuals, households, companies and organisations. We can also target domestic or international markets.

(4) Competitors
By searching online, there is no exactly same product available in the market. The most similar product is Window Insulator Kit, which is made from plastic film. The kit is to eliminate cold air and help home warm in cold weather. Window insulator kits are easy to install.

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