Marketing Research : Apple Inc

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Luke Chammas Janeen Johnson Foster Bus 100 Nov, 28 , 2014 Marketing Research (Apple Inc) Apple is a leading innovator in countless technological markets, which includes the computer market, tablet market, smartphone market and the MP3 market. Being a leader in these industries comes with many challenges due to the number of competitors in each of the markets. Their main competitors are HP and Dell when it comes to the computer industry. Samsung, Google, HP and Dell are also primary competition in the tablet market. Apple was by far the leader in the smartphone industry, however Google’s Android and Samsung’s Galaxy are becoming increasingly popular and they have become Apples main competition. Apple brought MP3 players to a whole new spectrum when the iPod was introduced; however the iPad 's main competition is Apple 's very own iPhone because of the iPhones music playing capabilities. In order for Apple to stay the leader in all these industries they must constantly be innovating and differentiating their products from their competitors. Apple products appeal to buyers who are not conscience and therefore price elasticity is not a major problem. The different types of pricing strategies apple uses is that they set their products and offers different price ranges for each product based on the amount of storage the product offers. Apple’s strategic pricing of their products have helped the company flourish, because whenever a new apple product comes out, many
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