Marketing Research Application : Marketing Essay

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Marketing Research Application #1
Sunetra Choudhury
Temple University

Marketing Research Application #2
As one of the leading companies in the niche market specializing in laundry detergent and fabric care, Tide has to continuously make efforts to differentiate itself from new, emerging competitors. In order to ensure brand image and loyalty are constant amidst the changes in the marketplace, the company could utilize descriptive research. One of the most common approaches to descriptive research is in the form of a survey. Surveys provide an understanding of consumer preferences, dislikes, buying habits, and overall perception of a company or brand, which can then be quantified. As technology continues to advance and communication becomes most effective in the digital form, the company could benefit from an online survey distributed across various segments. Additionally, the company could utilize the mall-intercept interview approach, in which shoppers are stopped and asked to complete a survey. In this scenario, the shoppers are already in the buying process or have already purchased, which ultimately could help the company to understand consumer buying behavior and preference. When a company is hoping to innovate and explore new marketing strategies, the four P’s of marketing (price, promotion, place, and product) are analyzed in order to recognize opportunities and problems within the company. Through the use of question/answer methods and observation,

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