Marketing Research For Decision Making Essay

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Chapter One
Marketing Research for Decision Makers Marketing research is atypical to decision making. By no means can a company make buoyant and effectual decisions without thorough marketing research. The most fruitful method of marketing for successful companies is known as relationship marketing. This is because marketing managers must have accurate information about the market in order to be able to make precise decisions and thereby achieving success and decreasing vagueness. Relationship marketing is deponent on some factors such as understanding customer needs and want and to fulfil those needs, actual training programs for employees to ensure that their behaviors are auspicious to the customer needs and market leaning. Also teamwork is a central aspect of relationship market as in the jeep marketing method where both jeep engineers and marketing researches are working together to achieve one end which is the success of the jeep business through satisfying their customer needs. Relationship marketing is instigated through customer relationship management. Relationship management depends on various concepts such as knowledge of the market and the customer, integrating data from many sources into one set of shared data, using information technology and creating customers profiles to improve marketing decisions. The strong relationship between marketing research and marketing decision making is evident in the marketing planning process, the success of
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