Marketing Research : Market, Product And Service

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For this task I been asked to link the marketing research methods to the development of BT-Broadband, TV, phone, home & business marketing plans by applying the following analytical tools to the BT; • Marketing planning process model • Pestle • Swot • Smart objective BT is a British multinational telecommunications services company with head offices in London, England, United Kingdom. It has operations in around 170 countries. Marketing Research Marketing Research is the process of analysing and interpreting information about: Market, Product and Service. Marketing research is the process of finding, studying and understanding information about; market, product or service. The aim of marketing research is to get an accurate understanding of the product or service. Marketing research is important because it shows potential customers for the business. Also it helps the business set realistic targets, help the business extend and develop sale strategies. These points are very important to organisations because it ensures that the business plan is designed to achieve business objective. SWOT is an organised plan use to evaluate strengths and weakness of a business internally. Swot also evaluates external opportunities and threats. Example: Strengths and weaknesses, are internal to the business and can include issues such as the buildings, quality of the staff and IT systems. Strengths Weakness The Strengths for BT will be it’s a Leading telecommunication company,
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